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Foster Care Program & Behavioral Health Services


Individual & Family

Family Unity offers services to children and families. The families we serve are actively coping with child abuse and/or neglect, domestic violence and are involved with the legal system and court-ordered to attend individual and family counseling. Individual therapy is appropriate for children experiencing behavioral, emotional, family, and/or mental health issues that have affected their ability to function adequately in their natural environment.

Child Parent Psychotherapy (CPP)

CPP is an evidence-based treatment for trauma-exposed children ages 0-5. Typically, the child is seen with his or her primary caregiver, and the dyad is the unit treatment. CPP examines how the trauma and the caregiver's relational history affect the parent-child relationship and the child's developmental trajectory.

Who is appropriate for CPP?

CPP targets children 0-5 who have experienced a traumatic event that has affected the parent-child relationship.

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