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Foster Care Program 

Family Teen Initiative Program:

Family Unity’s Enhanced Foster Care Program is designed to work with teenagers ages 13 through 17 years old. Our teen girls may also be experiencing pregnancy or have given birth to a child.

Teens placed in our program may have one or more of the following diagnoses: Disruptive Behavior/Conduct/Oppositional Defiant disorders, Impulse-Control Disorders, ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Depression, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Teenager’s often present with challenges such as defiance, elopement, family history of substance abuse, physical and verbal aggression, and psychiatric disorder. These risk factors may have also led to teen pregnancy.

All youth will receive services in the home.

The home will be visited weekly by an assigned therapist. The therapist will provide individual and/or family therapy. The therapist will engage the child/youth in weekly sessions to motivate and empower the child/youth to recognize their strengths and needs to help achieve goals outlined in the treatment plan.

With our teen population, the above processes will also apply. Additionally, group discussion will be part of the comprehensive treatment plan. The implementation of the group will allow the teen to be around other youth experiencing similar challenges. 

The groups will focus on the topics below:

  • Resilience

  • Social Connections

  • Knowledge of Childhood Development

  • Concrete Support

  • Developmental Competencies

  • Effective Communication

Foster Parent Training

Parents will receive intensive training in the areas of Partnership in Parenting (PIP), Model Approach to Partnership in Parenting (MAPP) and/or Caring and Retaining Excellence (C.A.R.E), Breakthrough Parenting, Mental Health Illnesses, Introduction to Behavior Modification, Psychotropic Medication Training, Working with children with sexualized behaviors. The training will consist of more than 40 hours of training before a family can be recommended for licensure. All families will receive the following:

  • Family Consultation

  • Background screening (for all household members over 18 years old)

Home Study Assessment

Family Unity

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